Sorrel freezing

For freezing use a young sorrel with gentle leaves of the saturated green colour, collected before formation of flower arrows. A sorrel freeze the whole leaves. It is possible to cut also sorrel leaves large slices.

Before freezing the sorrel needs to be washed out carefully in a considerable quantity of cold water. Then at sorrel leaves cut off green cuttings, large leaves cut on 2-3 parts. After that a sorrel lower in boiling water and scald about 1 minute. For blanching it is necessary to take waters as small as possible – exactly so much that it has covered all sorrel. At blanching the set of nutrients gets into water from a sorrel and the more there will be waters, the more than valuable properties will lose a sorrel.

After blanching a sorrel cast away on a cullender and wash out cold water. A sorrel leave on an hour that it has cooled down and has dried up. Then a sorrel place in polythene bags and freeze at temperature about 18 degrees. In each polythene bag the sorrel is better for sorting out in such quantity, how many it is required for single utilisation, for example for preparation of a sorrel soup.

At preparation of a sorrel soup the frozen sorrel lower in a casserole with already ready vegetables – and after boiling a Russian cabbage soup is already ready.

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